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Announcing … Total Farm. Target Your Marketing!

April 16, 2018

Fidelity National Title has just changed the way you will look at your farm areas.

For only $19.95 a month, you can now add Total Farm to your account.

Historically when you send out marketing to your farm area, you had no way of excluding actively listed properties. The Total Farm upgrade now includes the listing data.

All active listings will be flagged in all of your farms.

Active listings will be removed from all output. Labels, letters and CSV downloads will not include any currently listed properties.

Fellow agents home addresses will be excluded from all output.

Listing alerts will be emailed to you daily as new listings are taken within your farm. Including your personal sphere if you loaded it.

New stats have be added based upon the listing data.

Also, knowing if a property has equity is very important in the current market. You will now know which properties in your farm have equity and will estimate how much.

AVM will be added to each farm record (up to 5,000 farm records per farm). As you all know, accuracy of an AVM is important. Total FarmLE has a 13% variance in its valuation estimate.

LTV will be calculated and show for each record. To establish LTV, all loans will be calculated to establish the current loan balance. This LTV will also be updated as changes take place. So if a new loan is taken out, the LTV will change. Outstanding loan balance and equity will be shown for each farm record.

All equity data can be merged to word processor so you can create a customized letter.

New stats will be added showing percentage of equity in a farm.

Please contact your Fidelity National Title Account Executive for more information on this revolutionary product.

Download our flyer below to learn more about Total Farm!