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The Life of a Title Search

August 1, 2017

You leave the title search to the professionals, and rightly so. However, it’s helpful to understand the process of what happens so that you can better understand the title process and how it works to protect you, the homebuyer.

You’ve decided to purchase a home and hope to take possession of it as soon as possible. It’s an exciting time, but there are many steps to take before you get to the finish line. While the terms you’ve made are agreed upon and the financial arrangements are set, there is one important detail remaining: a title search.

A title is a bundle of rights in real property. The search of a title is the process of determining from the public record just what theses rights are and who owns them – which could potentially trip up your home purchase if the person selling the house doesn’t actually have the right to sell it.

So that you understand a bit more about the process of a title search with FNT and what goes into it, read on.

Step 1: Escrow officer opens title order with FNT title unit

Step 2: Customer service verifies legal and vesting if needed

Step 3: Title search started in FNT title plant

Step 4: Searcher examines chain, the required documents are printed, the Engineering Department prepares plot maps, and tax and bond searches are prepared

Step 5: Examiner examines complete search package and writes Preliminary Title Report

Step 6: Word processing types Preliminary Title Report (prelims)

Step 7: Messenger service delivers prelims to escrow and lender

Step 8: New documents/demands submitted to Title Unit

Step 9: Escrow authorizes recording

Step 10: Documents are recorded, demands are paid, and funds are dispersed

Step 11: Title policies are typed, reviewed, and mailed with invoice to customer

Our team has the knowledge to make sure that you secure the correct title policy for your specific needs. Contact your FNT Sales Executive today to learn more about the residential title services offered at Fidelity National Title, Orange County.